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Targets are release in singles and doubles from 1 or more traps situated some 15 m in front of the shooter. They are generally going away from the shooter at varying speeds, angles and elevations. The most common disciplines in this group are: Down-the-line (DTL), Single barrel, Double rise, Automatic ball trap (ABT), Olympic trap, Double trap (DT) and Universal trap (UT).




Targets are release in singles and doubles from 2 trap houses situated some 40m apart at opposite ends of a semi-circular path on which are 7 or 8 shooting positions. the targets are thrown at set trajectories and speeds. The main disciplines in this group are English Skeet, Olympic Skeet and American (NSSA) Skeet.






The English sporting discipline has the sports biggest following. Where the other two groups use only standard targets, in sporting practically anything goes. Targets are thrown in a great variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations and distances. this discipline was originally devised to simulate live game shooting.