Dan has been a Full Time Coach for the since 2000. During that time

he has coached people to County and Regional Championships.

Up until October 2012, Dan was the Head Coach at the National Clay

Shooting Centre (NCSC)at Bisley in Surrey.  Since then Dan has been coaching in the private sector and running the Old Sergeants Mess Shooting Club at Bisley, where he now teaches Rifle, Shotgun and Target Shotgun.


"I've been shooting since I was 12, first with my father rough shooting then in the Army Cadet Force, and then the Regular Army.

After leaving the forces I started shooting clays on the open circuit and was reasonably successfull, whilst I was out chasing the various competitions I joined the British Aerospace Shooting Club at Dunsfold and it was them that put me on the road to full time coaching, They identified I had a knack of getting others to hit difficult targets and sent me on my first course run by the CPSA (Clay Pigeon Shooting Association) I followed this up with a further course and coached on a part time basis until 2002 when I decided to make it my full time occupation.

I worked on a freelance basis for the National Clay Shooting Centre, Bisley, Surrey. in 2010 I was fortunate to become the head coach for the NCSC which I did for nearly three years, however my personal client list suffered so I left to accommodate my clients, I am still available should they need me.


In 2010 I became a Registered Firearms Dealer, so that I could help new members to the shooting community find their first gun, and give good sound advice on their first purchase.


In 2013 I became a partner in the Old Sergeants Mess Shooting Club, Bisley, Surrey. It is an active multi-discipline shooting club, whatever type of shooting you enjoy we will have something for you...."




Dan is also a life member at the OSM Shooting Club where he is actively involved with the everyday running of this very prestigious Shooting Club where all disciplines are catered for both in Rifle & Shotgun and Black Powder Pistol.

For training or RFD services please call 07968 781 190

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For training or RFD services please call 07968 781 190    


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